White Card Online


The White Card Course (CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) is recognised Australia wide so when you complete the course anywhere within Australia it is still valid, acceptable and recognised.
The White Card is a requirement under WH&S Codes of Practice across most jurisdictions. It allows individuals to access or be present on construction sites.
This online white card allows you to complete this course without the traditional face to face training of a white card course. A White Card is also a mandatory requirement of the Australian government in order to work on a construction site. The White Card itself is a credit card sized card, and is gained by completing a face-to-face or online White Card course, typically taking around 6 hours, including assessment, officially known as the ‘CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry’ course.
This Online White Card course is designed to meet WHS/OHS regulatory authority requirements for WHS/OHS induction and must be achieved before access to any building and construction work site. The target group for this online white card course will be people requiring training to safely work on building and construction sites.
New regulations now only allow residents of Queensland and Western Australia to complete this course online. All other areas of Australia will need to attend a face to face course in that State or Territory. There are extra requirements for Queensland students as they cannot complete an online course if there is a face to face course available within 100 kilometers of their location. If there is no face to face course available you are able to continue with an online course. 
It is a Training Package requirement that a live interview be conducted and that each student must be able to demonstrate certain items of personal protective equipment. All Registered Training Organisations must follow these requirements for this course. Our white card course allows you to complete this live interview online. The types of PPE required are fully listed in the course and you will be able to use equipment you already own, equipment borrowed, equipment purchased from any hardware store or we offer equipment that you will be able to purchase through the course.
The course we provide can only be completed online. You will need to have your own email address.
Occupations that may require this Online White Card course include:
self-employed persons – labourers – apprentices – tradespeople – supervisors – surveyors – project managers – council employees
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